Writing GIMP scripts and plugins

Akkana Peck
http://shallowsky.com, http://gimpbook.com
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Much of the power of GIMP comes from its plug-in architecture. Most of the functions you use in GIMP, including everything in the Filters menu, are implemented as plug-ins. Happily, writing GIMP plug-ins is easy. This talk will show you how to write new plug-ins or extend existing ones in two languages: Script-fu and Python

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1 Responses to “Writing GIMP scripts and plugins”

  • thanks for this video…

    …thanks to Akkana…

    …a very good overview…

    …for getting the information, provided in this dense talk,
    I needed many, many weeks; now (after I already wrote some simple scripts…. aaaahhh…no… PLUGIN’s!) I saw that video, that gives me the overview in about half an hour…

    Thanks again to Akkana and to the people who provided the talk as video here!

    (And thanks to Rolf Steinort and meetthegimp.org, where I found the link to this talk… http://meetthegimp.org/ )

    … hmhhh… thinking again now about buying Akkana’s book …. :)

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