The evolution of Blenders User Interface

William Reynish
3D animator, Denmark
Play (66min) Download: MP4 | MP3

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18 Responses to “The evolution of Blenders User Interface”

  • I really like what I see here. I hope it comes to pass.

  • Comments:LMAO at some of the claims in the beginning of this video. Not making yourself or blender look very good. Cut the crap.

  • Thankfully the majority of comments have been civil. Let’s hope the couple of childish comments are not repeated.

  • Blender have got so many wonderful features. But now it is time to make the user interface easier and really user friendly, like the user interface of Cinema 4D. I hope your ideas, William, will comes true. Then Blender will become a really alternative to commercial 3d apps like C4D, Modo, 3ds max, etc.

  • hey William, i couldn’t see in the video those cool icons you made for subdivide and extrude… i like those a lot. i’m not sure about the brightness of the colors, but otherwise great job!

  • I just wanted to point out that I think most of the interface mockup was just using the standard Mac OSX buttons and sliders. The only thing I don’t recognize is the depiction of multi-selected items.

    Maybe you need to get a Mac? ;)

  • Might be interesting to some:
    Aza Raskin from Mozialla Labs talks about Humane Interface-Design:

  • I really like most of the interface concepts you proposed. A lot of the newer 3D Programs do follow the concept of more natural workflow and it really is important.
    Just because something can be achieved easily and fast without thinking doesn’t mean in any way that it’s a dumbed down or childish version, at all. In fact creating a proper designed interface which is easy to use and still maintains all the flexibility is anything else than trivial. It is a chance for blender to break out of its image of being too quirky for ‘normal’ people. From other 3D artists around me I know many leave blender alone because of most of the unintuitive things and with that also leaving out all the brilliant stuff as well. I know I needed several approaches over years to get into the concept and still struggle with parts of it – leaving it alone and doing it in C4D or some other commercial app.
    I know blender IS a truly great and professional aplication. It deserves to adopt some of the easier workflow for a quicker start and faster workflow for new users.

    I know that if Blender will become the way William proposed here – I am going to be really really really excited about it :)

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