TeX as an ebook reader

Kaveh Bazargan
River Valley Technologies
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3 Responses to “TeX as an ebook reader”

  • I’m curious, do you rerender the entire document every time you rotate the screen etc., or only a few pages?

    Also, are there any plans to develop something similar for the Kindle?

    Finally, would I have to write my documents in ePub or TeX, or do you have an automatic translation from LaTeX (with figures in TikZ) to raw TeX?

  • We rerender the entire document. For now it is only small documents, but remember that TeX can typeset the TeXbook on a MacBook pro in about 3 seconds, so it is very fast. It is possible that for really big documents we will rerender only sections.

    Regarding Kindle? No, zero plans, except to do our best to put it out of business!! We are into open specifications.

    OK. The idea is to have an ePub reader. So the input will have to be ePub. There are different ways of converting LaTeX to ePub. For instance we use TeX4HT. But that is a separate problem. The project here is to have an ePub reader, and the user will not even need to know that TeX is running.

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Now that the iPad is out, do you think there will be any major changes to the software needed to handle displaying on it?

    Also, have you considered release this application for Mac OS X? I’m sure there are many people who read things on their computers that would like good typesetting. Or is there already a program that does this?

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