Keynote: Considering the researched: ethics and online research

Aleks Krotoski, Ph.D
Research Associate, Oxford Internet Institute

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Aleks Krotoski PhD, an academic and journalist. Aleks is a research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute and the Researcher-in-Residence for the British Library’s Growing Knowledge exhibition. She completed the 4-part, prime time BBC2 series, ‘Virtual Revolution’ in early 2010, about the social history of the World Wide Web. Aleks writes for The Guardian and Observer newspapers, and hosts Tech Weekly their technology podcast. Her writing also appears in Nature, BBC Technology, New Statesman, MIT Technology Review and The Telegraph.

Publishers have a responsibility to ensure that the subjects of research are protected by the ethical guidelines of disciplines, yet online research and distribution remains an uncertain area at many institutions. What role should publishers play in protecting the online individual in the content included in their volumes?

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