Everything you wanted to know about PDF but were afraid to ask

Leonard Rosenthol
Adobe Systems Inc.
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2 Responses to “Everything you wanted to know about PDF but were afraid to ask”

  • Where do I get a pdf. how do I translate a word document into a pdf and how will my client open it and read it. Read loads of historical and technical stuf about PDF but nothing seems to mention theas basic needs.

  • Hi..
    I have a question about ‘Equation’ in PDF.
    We can get all text in pdf during PDF parsing,
    but we can not get any imformation about Equation in the PDF.

    I think Every PDF will contain all of equations not byte formation but text. I want a equation in PDF to parse that was written by font of HyHwpEq.ttf.

    How can I parse the equation in PDF when I use iTextSharp lib.
    I hope you can give some of help to me.

    Thank you.

    from Hyangyong Lee

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